What Does a Real Estate Agent Do for a Seller?

Are you thinking of selling your property? Wondering how to get started? If yes, then consider working with a local real estate agent in your area. The best real estate agents can help home sellers navigate through all the complexities involved in selling homes smoothly and without any hassle.

Simply stated, real estate agents perform a variety of duties to make the entire transaction process simple, stress-free and fast. Continue reading to find out what a real estate agent does for a seller:

Prices the Home Accurately

Pricing properties for sale correctly is an important task of a realtor. Top realtors avoid giving in to the desire to say what will make home sellers happy just to attract business. In fact, they focus on pricing each home for sale using their market understanding and comparable sales.

How to price a home for sale is one of the most valuable skills of a real estate agent. Therefore, it is advisable that you work with the best realtor who can help you sell your home close to the original listing price.

Remember that a skilled realtor will never misrepresent a home’s value to get business because pricing a home too high can cause serious issues in the sale and delay the selling process.

Provides Excellent Marketing Services

Top real estate agents do more than just placing a for sale sign in the yard and list the home in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). The best real estate agents go above and beyond the usual. They market homes for sale on their agency’s website, social media pages and on a variety of real estate listing websites. Furthermore, they also provide virtual home tours to buyers with more views of the property. Apart from this, top realtors advertise in the local newspaper and other publications related to to3 real estate. Their goal is to spread the word out and get the best selling price for your home by reaching out to maximum potential home buyers.

Offers Quality Staging Advice

Besides this, best realtors focus on working closely with their clients to make their homes attractive for viewing. Based on their market knowledge and experience, they know exactly what it takes to improve a home’s curb appeal and increase the interest of their prospects.

To improve the curb appeal, realtors may provide landscaping suggestions, repair jobs, upgrades, rearranging interior décor or painting walls. All these recommendations are predominantly focused on accentuating the home’s visual appeal, thus making it more attractive for prospective home buyers.

Provides Updates

A seller needs to have a clear idea of the progression in their property’s selling process. However, most often sellers are unaware of their home selling progress as real estate agents don’t check back on the buyer until they get an offer.

But if you work with one of the top realtors in the industry, you won’t have to worry about the progress of the selling process. This is because the best real estate agents are focused on regularly updating their customers on the feedback from showings to offers made and everything else that may concern them. Even if they haven’t received any offers, they’d still keep in touch with home sellers and communicate with them clearly.

Real estate agents who don’t communicate get a bad reputation from both clients and peers. So, it’s really important that you hire a top-rated realtor.

Makes Sure That the Buyer is Qualified

Although everyone can say that they are interested in home buying but not everyone can get a home loan pre-approval. And this is where a top realtor differs from a good real estate agent. A top-rated realtor will first make sure that the potential buyer is pre-approved and not just pre-qualified. Mortgage pre-qualification includes the buyer’s credit report analysis, income or employment verification. These are the key factors in getting a mortgage. A top-rated would look for buyers who have a pre-approval.

Finalizes the Loose Ends

Home selling involves a lot of hard work and attention to details. And that is exactly what you can expect from a top rated real estate agent. Such an agent would focus on finalizing loose ends for real estate closings, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detector certificate, and final water and sewer readings.

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Originally published at www.fastexpert.com on February 27, 2019.



Hey everyone, this is Emma and I share here everything you need to know about real estate like buying or selling a home & how to choose the right agent for you.

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Emma Jones

Hey everyone, this is Emma and I share here everything you need to know about real estate like buying or selling a home & how to choose the right agent for you.