Want to Make Your Property More Attractive? Find Top 6 Yard Hacks

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When you are preparing to sell, there are a lot of ways to make your property more attractive. You can clean the house, repaint, decorate it, and work on the curb appeal. One of the best ways to make your property attractive at first glance is to have a beautiful and well-maintained yard.

This is one of the primary ways to beautify your space, which people tend to miss out on when preparing their property for a sale. No matter how good a property looks on the inside, the first impression is usually that of the outside. A good yard can really elevate the entire look of your property for potential buyers.

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Here are six of our top yard tips to make your property more attractive:

Maintain Your Yard

A well-kept yard will not only give your house a beautiful look, but it will also give the impression of an equally well-maintained interior. Maintaining a yard becomes easier if you are in the habit of doing it regularly. So this is less of yard tip and more a yard habit.

How you go about maintaining your yard depends upon the type of yard you have. A grassy front yard with a few plants is the usual set up. Even if you don’t regularly maintain such a yard, it won’t take much time to look ready. A thorough process of cleaning, cutting the grass, pruning the plants, and rearranging your yard might give it a fresher look.

The back yard needs maintenance too. A badly kept backyard gives the impression that the property owners don’t care about cleaning areas that are not usually on display. This makes some buyers suspicious about the entire property.

Simple Landscaping

Another useful yard hack is to do some simple landscaping on your yard to give it more character. Most DIY landscaping tricks don’t cost a lot and can give your yard, and by extension, your property, a great look. You can go for conventional grassy with a few short plants along the sides. If you have a tree in the yard, you can add a simple swing to it and cut the grass short beneath it.

If putting up a fountain in the yard seems extravagant, you can dig some shallow trenches through your yard. You can cement them and line their edges with small rocks. They will look beautiful with some water in them. This simple setup will just require some time and very little cash.

Try getting some perennial plants, they are hardy and live longer than annual plants. Or you can decorate your yard with a variety of cactus or succulent plants. They don’t need a lot of maintenance and can give your yard a unique but trendy look. Minimal outdoor furniture, like some garden chairs, or a homemade bench can give your yard a cozy air. Simple landscaping is one of the easiest garden hacks.

Walkway and Driveway

Going into a house using a beautiful walkway through a well-kept yard is always a lovely experience. The walkway can be simple in design with moderately decorated sides. If you are planning to invest a decent amount of money in your yard, building an elaborate walkway is advisable. It will improve the value of your house and make the property more attractive.

An ugly driveway can ruin the look of even the most beautiful yards. Make sure the driveway is not cracked, the pavement is clean, and there are no oil stains. The door into the garage should blend in with the overall look of your house from the outside.


Unless it’s against the regulations of your residential area, a fence around your yard is an amazing idea. The fence doesn’t have to be very functional or elaborate. Even a simple fence of crude wooden posts will make the property more attractive. It automatically makes the house look bigger from the outside. A simple fence can be made very attractive by running some vines through it.

Fences can also add an extra layer of security if you want. Higher fences can give the yard a lot of privacy, something many potential home buyers would like. If your yard doesn’t have a fence yet, try making one. This yard hack will cost you next to nothing if you are willing to put in some work.


If you want to do something different from a conventional yard, give it a theme. A theme wouldn’t require expensive structures and supplies, instead, all it needs is some clever thinking and some work. Themes like a rock garden, edible garden, xeriscape garden, or an Asian garden can give your yard a nice spin.

Your theme can even be something personal. You can also build your yard around a fire pit or you can turn your yard into a secret garden with benches hidden behind the bushes. There is a lot you can do with minimal funds, some effort, and a good imagination.

Night Appeal

This is something people usually miss out on. With some simple inexpensive solar lights or a few LED strips for your tree, you can give your yard fantastic nighttime appeal. There are lots of energy-efficient LED lights that can transform how your yard looks at night. Solar lights are especially effective since they don’t run on electricity and don’t need to be plugged in.


These are just the top yard tips. There are a hundred other things you can do in your yard to make it more attractive. It’s an inexpensive way to make a great first impression on your prospective home buyers. With a little effort, you can really make your property more attractive.

A better way of thinking about the tips to make a property attractive is that you are not just doing it for others. You are doing it for yourself. As long as you own the property, the beautiful yard you worked on is yours. You can enjoy the beautiful fruit of your efforts.

And when you have to sell the property to someone else, that yard you worked hard on, might just get you your dream offer. That’s the power of a great first impression.

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