Finding Real Estate Agents — To Trust or Not to Trust?

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A survey conducted in 2018 showed that almost 86% of US citizens in search of homes used real estate agents. Agents of all sorts, whether they are car dealers, local real estate agents, or talent acquisitions, have somewhat of a bad reputation because of a few bad eggs. This has made finding real estate agents who are trustworthy a chore for many.

Real estate agents are hardworking people, which is something that can be seen in how they keep on showing you place after place until you make a final decision. However, you can always find a small, unethical group among any profession, be it accounting, medicine, the law, etc. who will lie for a number of reasons just to get your signature. There are a number of ways you can identify a trustworthy real estate agent, be it a new agent or one of the top realtors.

Your Part: Finding a Trustworthy Real Estate Agent

See How Many People Refer the Realtor

The National Association of Realtors has reported that 42% of buyers found agents via referrals. Friends and family are usually more concerned with your well-being more than the commission of a real estate agent. This means that when they refer someone to you, it might be free of any ulterior motives. Many top realtors and local agents rely heavily on referrals as their basic marketing tool, which urges them to be honest with customers.

Ask To Meet Past Clients

One way of determining whether a real estate agent is trustworthy or not is to ask to meet their past clients. You don’t actually have to go out and schedule a meeting though unless you really want to. The idea is to simply rattle the realtor’s cage a little. If they try to put you off the idea or generally avoid the question, it could be a major red flag regarding the trustworthiness of the agent.

Local real estate agents don’t have such recourse, though, since their clientele is mostly located near you. This automatically means they are bound to be more trustworthy than someone from the outside. Top Realtors in the neighborhood top realtors get to where they are after a lot of effort on their part. However, if they are at that position, you can be sure that it isn’t because they’ve lied their way through.

Remember, just because a realtor’s face is in front of every home doesn’t mean they’re good agents or among the top realtors. They’re there because they paid to be there. One sign of a trustworthy real estate agent is that they’ll be registered with the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Simply type their name and other information on the NAR website to see if they really are registered. Registered real estate agents have a code of ethics to follow; failure to do which might lead to cancellation of their membership.
However, you should always keep a realistic approach. Keep in mind that some of the top realtors might not look into your case if you’re in the market for an entry-level house and they normally handle luxury listings in the millions.
If you do pique the interest of one such realtor, their commissions might be much higher than local real estate agents, but you’ll know they are trustworthy.

Conduct Research

Customers are much more likely to share bad experiences than good ones. A little bit of research and due diligence on your part might help you make a much more informed decision when finding real estate agents. Look for previous feedback on a real estate agent before committing to anything.

The number of things you should be on the look-out for include, but aren’t limited to;

  1. Realtor’s licensure and certifications
  2. Customer feedback
  3. Neighborhood of operation
  4. Exposure/level of experience
  5. General commission rates, etc.

Realtor’s Part

Answers to your Questions

If you have narrowed down your prime real estate candidates, it is always a good idea to schedule a one-on-one meeting. The prime focus on your first meeting shouldn’t be to negotiate a price range for selling or buying a house but to determine whether the agent is a good fit for you. Remember, being good at negotiating is just as important for real estate agents as being good at hunting is for a lioness; that is how they make a living. You don’t have to be as good as them; you simply have to avoid being caught with dollar signs in your eyes.

They might give you a compelling offer, but you are here to judge whether you two are a good fit. Ask direct questions about them. Don’t be afraid of asking about their past clients, certifications, methods, etc. If at any point you think their confidence is shattering because of a basic question, understand that there might be something shady going on. Think of it as a job interview where they’re the candidate. A dependable and trustworthy real estate agent won’t hesitate in answering your questions honestly and confidently.

More Concerned About your Needs

Top realtors and reliable local real estate agents are always more concerned with your requirements. Some common questions you should prepare answers for include;

  1. Purpose of purchase or sale
  2. Your price range
  3. Any special requirements
  4. Any properties you have in mind or the ideal property/price you’re looking for

An agent suggesting properties right off the bat without knowing what you need is a major red flag you should be on the lookout for.

Discusses the Pros & Cons Openly

Every piece of property has pros and cons, be it a condominium, entry-level house, or luxury property. A reliable and trustworthy real estate agent won’t strive to hide the cons from you. However, no real estate agent, even a top realtor, is obliged in any way to market the cons of a property.

You shouldn’t label a realtor as deceitful just because they didn’t market that the house gets extremely hot in the summer or has plumbing issues. It is your responsibility to ask about the other side of things.

How to Identify A Real Estate Agent’s Lies?

Some common lies real estate agents tell include guarantees that they will sell your place at a given (inflated) rate. You should conduct some research to know how many houses around your neighborhood generally cost.
Realtors might also craft imaginary buyers out of thin air to force you to make a decision quickly at their terms. You can ask them for contact information or the name of the buyer. Any hesitation on their part should be a red flag for you.

Be confident and determined when dealing with or finding real estate agents to show that you mean business.
Not all real estate agents are alike. Some favor the truth above all else, doing their best to give customers what they are looking for, and that is what they are known for. Many top realtors have built their names on the basis of trust and honesty, laying the good and the bad flat in front of clients and letting them make informed decisions.

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